A hectic schedule and exploring Madison are getting the best of me. Stay tuned as I catch up on posts for the past few weeks. What is up is only a taste of what I have experienced! 

Upcoming blogs include: 
  • Thrifting 
  • Intern experience and articles
  • Running trails
  • Interactive maps of cafes, biking and running trails
  • And yes, a campus tour of UW-Madison, I can pull of being 18 again... 
6/20/2013 04:05:14 am

I look forward to more posts from AndreainMadison. And more photos. And maybe a visit sometime.

Andrea Anderson
6/20/2013 08:11:12 am

I'm working on them now, Kathy! If you're in Madison, let me know and if I'm in Milwaukee, I'll let you know.


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