The interactive map listing Madison coffee shops I have visited is finally here. Each location has a price point, rating and location information. 

I have yet to visit several coffee shops but I have many on my list that I will be going to after work these next few weeks. The options are endless and when I think about all of the espressos and chai tea lattes I will be drinking excitement boils up and my hand goes directly to my new coffee cup filled with earl grey tea. 

Growing up, coffee disgusted me. My parents drank one pot a morning - and consumed more at work. I remember spitting out my first taste of coffee and vowing I'd never drink it - that didn't last in college. Now, I can't live without it in the mornings. Coffee or tea has to be in my hand at least 30 minutes after I wake up if I'm to be productive. It's not an addiction. Well, maybe it is. 

No matter what you call it, it has lead me to experience more things in Madison or my European travels and dare I say, matured my palate

So here's the spiel: black coffee; no cream; no sugar; hold the to-go cup - I'm a snob that way. Cheers!