A hectic schedule and exploring Madison are getting the best of me but I have many things scheduled to come! 

In the works right now:
  • Interactive map biking and running trails - if you have any suggestions on mapping applications please let me. I don't like how Google Maps doesn't allow you to follow a bike trail and forces you to highlight roads, ZeeMaps doesn't have a start and end point function. 

Things to be experienced and reported on: 
  • Ladies weekend out: a weekend with Laura, Brittany and Mari in Madison cooking meals, visiting bars and exploring Madison
  • Parents weekend: Elin, LeRoy and Moose take Madison
  • Dane County Fair
  • And yes, a campus tour of UW-Madison, I can pull of being 18 again... 
Q: #WhereIsWanda. A: Parked outside with Wisconsin State Capitol.
In an effort to be as “Madison” as possible, and avoid parking tickets, I have joined the Madison Red Bike Project. This is an effort started by Jillian Corbett in 1996 to make Madison one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. Now, hundreds of red bikes have temporary homes across Madison for a $100 refundable deposit. 

Before coming to Madison, I heard how un-car friendly the city was.  While the check I write for parking each month reaffirms this assumption, it really didn’t hit me until I was the last person to receive one of the retro red bikes. Riding on the road in designated biking lanes that bump right up to the traffic wizzing by to my left is a daily experience that I've missed from my days in my hometown, Minneapolis.  

Minneapolis has consistently been voted one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, and I didn’t realize how much I had missed it until Wanda, my bicycle, and I took our first adventure around Madison the first day I was here.

  Wanda and I's destinations: 

When I reached Capitol Square and found myself severely lost I stepped off my bike and decided to walk back to campus, with the assistance of Google Maps… I have no shame in admitting I am horrible with directions.

Since then, Wanda and I have enjoyed several bike trails: Capital TrailShorewood Bike Loop; Capital City State Trail and more. Soon I will be publishing a list of the trails I find to be most enjoyable and easy for Madison newbies such as myself. 

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