Journalists move. A lot.

To some this is a nuisance, but to my fellow journalists and myself it is what makes our job interesting. We place roots temporarily, and then find ourselves packing up a few years later to move to a different market until we find the fit that keeps us stationary.

The most stationary I have ever been in my life was the 18 years I spent at home growing up. After that it seems I have never been able to keep put – it’s the journalist in me.

In the past year I have moved a handful of times:
  1.  May 2012: MILWAUKEE, Wis. to MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.
  2. June 2012: MPLE back to MKE
  3. August 2012: MKE to MADRID, Spain   
  4. December 2012: MAD to MKE
  5. May 2013: MKE to MADISON, Wis. 

With each move I have always been one to explore what the city has to offer. Even when I was "home" in Minneapolis for a few short weeks last summer, I found myself taking the time to see, with fresh eyes, what I missed about the city and what more it had to offer since I had left. In Spain I was never in the city for more than two weeks before I embarked on a new adventure to a different city or country. 

Now, as an intern at the Wisconsin State Journal and temporary UW-Wisconsin Badgers fan, I am determined to see what Madison has to offer. Who knows, it may even break my streak of being stationary for more than four months – I never said I was opposed to staying in one place.

So, as I sit in my new favorite café, Zuzu Café on Drake and Randall (where I saw the first person to wear a Real Madrid jersey in months), I can’t help but feel Madison has plenty more surprises and adventures for me this summer. This blog will serve as a way to catalog and share the many experience I hope to have and what Madison is like for those, like me, coming to the city for the first time with a pair of virgin eyes. 

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