A1 centerpiece story for Saturday paper
I realize I just posted a blog entry regarding  my internship experience but this one goes out to my Verona Road (U.S. 18/151) construction story that the A1 Saturday centerpiece a week ago. 

The construction began July 1 and will revamp the Verona Road and Beltline interchange. If you are a Madison resident the news of the construction is not necessarily new news since it has been spoken about and tossed around by officials for more than a decade – the new news is that it finally began.

Wrapping my head around construction jargon was not easy, but it happened. 

Making orange traffic cones appear “sexy” as my editors wanted was nearly impossible, but it happened.

Read more about the construction if you are coming to the city or passing through. It’s not likely to affect your commute terribly, until next year, but I have noticed about 10 minutes delays when using the roads that are currently undergoing construction. 

For more information and updates on the Verona Road project visit  the Verona Road Project website managed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation


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