Just two days after my initial blog post, Joe Paterno, head coach of Penn State's football team, was fired. On Wednesday, after a hot and heavy week regarding child sex-abuse allegations towards his fellow staff, the University decided Paterno's presence was no longer needed. 

Paterno is not charged with conspiracy, but knew about Jerry Sandusky's 15 year span of sexual abuse on children and did not file any reports on the incidents to the police. Paterno announced early Wednesday that he would retire at the end of the current season, but university and the university trustees decided him being on campus was not the best thing for Penn State as a whole.  

The Division I-A coach has the most wins ever for a college coach. He has filled the Beaver Stadium for generations. Fathers, sons and grandsons have witnessed Paterno's talent, but his talent will no longer be showcased at Penn State. No replacement has been found, but the football team stayed positive with interim head coach Tom Bradley who encouraged the men to play hard against Nebraska's Cornhuskers Saturday, loosing by only three points.

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