This is my first post for my Digital Journalism II course as well as my whole life. Through this medium I will be growing as a blogger and becoming more adept to multimedia. Every week for the semester I will be covering major events through my assigned beat, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I have never read The Philadelphia Inquirer but I look forward to reporting and following this news source. Every newspaper is different in one shape or another and I am anxious to see how Philly.com differs from other sites I visit repeatedly throughout the course of my day. 

Having never blogged before I am quite nervous and don't know how well I will handle it. Hearing about hyperlinks, StorifyLinkedIn, etc. is frying my brain but it will all be worth it when I land that first job and brand myself. I am familiar with WordPressTwitter, Facebook and other social media and have worked with multimedia such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FinalCut Pro and last but not least, Weebly.  

I hope to use this blog to connect with others in the field of journalism, The Philadelphia Inquireras well as any interests we have in common - and believe me, I have a lot of interests and passions so that should not be hard. I look forward to what is to come and I hope you do as well.  



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