One of the most enjoyable things about completing this project was the ability to speak with a  youth from Milwaukee and his struggles with academics and not having a creative outlet at his high school. First the students were shy and we didn't know if we would be able to single one out, but it soon became apparent that one intern would be the best fit for our slideshow and audio compilation for Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. 

Domonique Whitehurst began his internship with ArtWorks for Milwaukee this past fall. As an intern, he develops creativity skills, produces his own anti-drug and violence campaigns, and works with a seven other interns. 

ArtWorks mission statement, is to teach students with underperformance in high school that they can achieve employment success. ArtWorks provides interns with a mentor and resources that are often professional artists. 

For this project I was partnered with Rebecca French, a photo journalist at Marquette University and for the Marquette Journal. She provided insight as to what angles would be best for photos, which chronological order would be most beneficial for the slideshow and whether class was needed or not. Having someone who is more experienced with photography than myself was wonderful. 

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