This week in my Digital Journalism II class, I was given an assignment to make a 12-photo slideshow profiling a Marquette University student. I chose Julia DeBella, a student who can keep her calm while having two exams and a paper all due the same day. 

In my assignment, I followed DeBella on a Sunday afternoon at Raynor Memorial Library, where she studied for German, anthropology and accounting while writing her philosophy paper.  

I chose to focus my story on a student who has an abundant amount of homework to illustrate the amount of stress students are under and the work load they are undertaking. Through this photography project, I learned that every student handles stress in different ways and every student has a different way of studying. 

The point of this project was to develop my photography and story-telling skills, and I believe I did this well by taking on a common occurrence on college campuses and illustrating this through my own eyes. 

After completing the Language of the Image module on Poytner's News University, I learned how to implement many different visual elements into my photographs and focused on the following: 

1.) The Rule of Thirds
2.) Sense of Place
3.) Emotion
4.) Layering
5.) Point of Entry
6.) Moment

My slideshow exposes the stress of college students as well as how one student, DeBella handles that stress and knows no matter how hard life can get, she is doing the best she can.  

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