I know very little about coffee and when there was no hard breaking news this weekend that I felt extremely bad about not blogging about I decided to peruse the dinning portion of The Philadelphia Inquirer. I was absolutely delighted about my find and my mouth began to water and mind began to stray to the land of cocoa beans after seeing the definitions of the mumbo jumbo listed under coffee types.  

The article on the Phrequency Blog is about the up and coming coffee revolution in Philadelphia, Penn. that began two years ago when a number of new coffee shops began to pop up on the streets. The blog talks about the first mobile coffee truck courtesy of Rival Bros. Coffee and the Third Wave coffee movement that focuses on ethical sourcing from sustainable small farms and roasting in small batches while appreciating coffee to be a culinary art and production similar to wine. 

The writer, who remains anonymous, says he or she will update us on their "coffee journey covering hand pours, local roasters, different brewing methods you can try at home and so forth."

But for now, here is a list of drinks baristas brew for me and you: 
Americano: double shot of espresso, hot water, perfect for those who love traditional black coffeeCortado: espresso cut with steamed milk and a little foam
Doppio: standard double espresso shot
Latte: double shot of espresso, steamed milk, thick foam, invented by an Italian-American in California
Macchiato: espresso stained with small drop of steamed milk, no syrups or extra milk