On Monday a federal jury convicted a Philadelphia drug lord and his wife for selling crack, cocaine, heroin and PCP in Mayfair located in Northern Philadelphia. For more than four years, the drug lord Alexander "Reds" Rivera, 29, and his wife, Ileana Vidal, 25, sold drugs out of their home and garage that served as a stable where they kept animals. The two are scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 29 and March 2.

Rivera faces a mandatory life sentence while Vidal is facing 10 years in jail. Currently she is off on bail, but the hearing scheduled for Thursday will reveal whether to revile the bail or change conditions.  

The FBI raided the "garage/stable" during the investigation of the Riveras where Rivera allegedly kept roosters used for cock fighting. Rivera's attorney said that the stable was the home to several animals such as horses, goats and chickens. It was a "petting zoo" for neighborhood children. The petting zoo stashed drugs that Rivera and his gang sold more than $18,000 work of crack per week from Feb. 2006 to Sept. 2010. In addition to the Rivera's garage/stable they used luxury cars, like Audis and Mercedes Benzes, to store, process and distribute drugs. 

According to the article the gang operated mainly around the intersection of Indiana Avenue and Lawrence Street in North Philadelphia and used guns and violence to protect their drug territory. 

Fifteen range members in the case pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy and related offenses, five of them testified against Rivera and Vidal at trial claiming innocence.