Two audio slideshows complete and I am happy with the end results. In the previous project on Domonique Whitehurst, and intern for ArtWorks for Milwaukee I enjoyed speaking to the youth of Milwaukee, Wis., but on this project, I enjoyed speaking to an educator who really put his students needs first. 

Jon Brown is the lead artist and mentor for ArtWorks' eight interns. He assists the students in designing anti-drug and violence campaigns and developing skills necessary for them to achieve success in the art and design world. Brown’s favorite aspect is working with the students to develop new ideas and supporting the growth of the arts for youth, something he feels is lacking in the artist community and public at large. 

ArtWorks mission statement, is to teach students with underperformance in high school that they can achieve employment success. ArtWorks provides interns with a mentor and resources that are often professional artists. 

For this portion of the project I was again, lucky enough, to be partnered with Rebecca French, a photo journalist at Marquette University and for the Marquette Journal. Her insight on photos was again wonderful and the project would not be as successful as it is without her. This has been a wonderful journey and I really enjoyed doing this type of work, it is definitely in the plans to continue to do these types of projects. 

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