Two audio slideshows complete and I am happy with the end results. In the previous project on Domonique Whitehurst, and intern for ArtWorks for Milwaukee I enjoyed speaking to the youth of Milwaukee, Wis., but on this project, I enjoyed speaking to an educator who really put his students needs first. 

Jon Brown is the lead artist and mentor for ArtWorks' eight interns. He assists the students in designing anti-drug and violence campaigns and developing skills necessary for them to achieve success in the art and design world. Brown’s favorite aspect is working with the students to develop new ideas and supporting the growth of the arts for youth, something he feels is lacking in the artist community and public at large. 

ArtWorks mission statement, is to teach students with underperformance in high school that they can achieve employment success. ArtWorks provides interns with a mentor and resources that are often professional artists. 

For this portion of the project I was again, lucky enough, to be partnered with Rebecca French, a photo journalist at Marquette University and for the Marquette Journal. Her insight on photos was again wonderful and the project would not be as successful as it is without her. This has been a wonderful journey and I really enjoyed doing this type of work, it is definitely in the plans to continue to do these types of projects. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer's lead to this article would make more sense if it included the word "actions." The lead, "Sandusky lawyer says youths may dispute abuse allegations," makes it seem as if the alleged eight victims of sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky are saying what the media has portrayed and what has been said is false. In my opinion if the lead included "Sandusky lawyer says youths actions may dispute abuse allegations," it would make more sense as in the story it is alluded that the victims remained in contact and on good terms with Sandusky, never mentioning that they would revoke what they had said under oath to the grand jury. 

Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, plans to use the fact that ".... a boy who purportedly told jurors that Sandusky had made sexual advances on him during trips to San Antonio, Texas, in the late 1990s -- brought his girlfriend and his child to the coach's house a few years ago and asked him to be a part of their lives." Amendola's plot appears to have no merit due to the fact that of the six victims who testified, all but one said they were subject to "graphic forms of sexual abuse ranging from having their genitals kissed or groped to being forced to perform oral sex."

Information keeps appearing and Sandusky has to keep working to reduce the 40 counts of sexual assault he has been charged with. In a recent interview with NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams and Bob Costas, Sandusky claimed innocence. When Costasa asked, "Are you a pedophile," Sandusky responded, "No." This is going to be a rough ride for Penn State and for all the victims involved. For up-to-date information visit the Complete Coverage Scandal at Penn State webpage and my own Weebly