Philadelphia Media Network launched the first pre-loaded Android Tablet. A multimedia tablet that brings content from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com on Sept. 14.

This video explains the launch of the tablet and how the idea came to be, however, for such a monumental step in the growing multimedia industry within newspapers, the video had poor audio quality, jumpy video and poor narration that makes you wonder how great this device is.

The tablet has not yet been named, but "Philly Tablet" has been suggested several times by both consumers and the Philadelphia Media Networks CEO, Greg Osberg. Magner said the tablet will allow you to access everything an iPad does, including both a replica of The Philadelphia Inquirer's newspaper, as well as a condensed digital version that looks similar to what would be read online.  

I am pleased with this idea, but the video quality was too poor for my taste. I feel The Philadelphia Inquirer in conjunction with Philly.com rushed to produce the video and turned what could have been great a promotional and informative video into something that is sore on the eyes. 

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