Left to right: Kevin, Andrea, and Rachel.
Left to right: Kevin, Alissa, Andrea, and Rachel.
A spoof on Toddlers & TiarasHoney Boo Boo, the National Hockey League lockout and the usual aerobic instructor were all the rage this year in the United States for Halloween, but here in Madrid, the night of October 31 is more for scaring you rather than to have a few laughs. 

Halloween and trick-or-treating are becoming increasingly popular in Spain, however the holiday, if you will, is more of an American custom. Children here are just beginning to go trick-or-treating at stores, schools and their neighborhoods dressed in superhero or princess customs while teenagers and young adults dress in devil costumes or frighteningly scary dead people. Face paint is all the rage and making yourself look deathly scary is the point of Halloween here. The innocent outfits like cats and Where's Waldo? are accepted, but not common. A group of us went to a discoteca and celebrated with other students we are studying abroad with and we clearly did not get the message that Halloween is more about fun and fear than fun and humorous. 

Rachel and I went as cats, Alissa went as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, and Kevin should have won best costume with his assemble as an Olympic gold medal - complete with gold body spray I may add. 

Unfortunately, we were too terrified to take photos of the people dressed in scary costumes and this journalist forgot her camera, on the bright side the venue will be putting photos up shortly from the costume contest. 

One thing we did notice last night was how openly people look at you in Madrid. Kevin received many comments and shocked expressions, even a few pointed fingers and gasps. I'm sure we did the same thing when we saw exceptionally detailed and realistic Joker face painted masks last night, though I never realized how openly people stare here.  I guess it takes a gold medal to realize that. 

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