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We're college students who are studying abroad in Europe. By the time we come home our bank accounts will be crying themselves to sleep and we will be scraping the bottom of an empty well to pay for books. Naturally, with our desire to travel and determination to prevent this scenario from becoming reality we only saw one solution: book flights with Ryanair. Whoops. 

Ryanair, an Irish airline that operates throughout Europe, sells low-cost tickets that can't be beat by other airlines such as Easyjet, Air France and Iberia. However, lately the airline has seen some scrutiny after having several malfunctions including oxygen masks that failed to eject, loss of cabin pressure, failing to fill the plane's fuel tank efficiently and emergency landings over small technical malfunctions that the company refuses to expand upon. 

All in all, I think we made a great choice... 

I can't say that I am entirely surprised by how many issues Ryanair has had, but in all honesty, what airline doesn't have problems? We may not hear about issues other company's have because there is nothing that makes one extremely unique. What sets Ryanair apart from the others is its price and the probability of people who, like me, want to travel and not pay an arm and a leg. 

This isn't to say that I am not upset with the airline, I mean I would like to survive the three flights I have booked for this week, but there is nothing you can really do at this point except hope the company has increased its security like the news reports. I'm naturally an optimist if you couldn't tell. 

For those who are planning on studying abroad, don't be afraid of traveling on Ryanair and if you don't want to fly there are alternatives such as train or bus. 

Eight hours until flight one of three on Ryanair this week. Cross your fingers for a safe flight, but more for a fun time in Paris, France and Budapest, Hungary. 

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