Man, has it been hard being in class for two weeks straight. Time for a vacation.

Tonight marks the beginning of another journey here in Madrid. I will be traveling Europe for a week and on my itinerary is Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary; and one last destination that will be made on the fly. 

Sadly, I will only be in Paris for 24 hours, but those 24 hours will be made the most of as I plan on doing a high speed tour of the city and scratching a few things off my Paris to-do list. 

To-do list:
1. Pinch the top of the Louvre 
2. Eat cheese and crackers and drink wine in front of the Eiffel Tower for lunch
3. Pinch the top of the Eiffel Tower and go to the top 
4. Go to Angelina's and have the best chocolate in Paris
5. Eat a crepe with strawberries for a dear friend of mine
6. Try not to drool while looking at all the extremely well dressed Parisians. 
7. Not be mad if I don't succeed at number six because it is a tall order.
Pack pack, tin, all I have for the week
After completing my wish list I will be reuniting with a friend from high school who is studying abroad in Paris for the year. I hope to do some standard activities that locals partake in with her that evening and next morning. If there is one thing I have learned anything from studying abroad so far it's to work with what you have and if you know people who know the area, don't hesitate to ask. I would hope someone would ask me for advice on Madrid when they came, it's a complement of sorts. 

After Paris is a a two day stop in Budapest. Now, you may ask, why Budapest? Well, it has the beautiful State Opera House that also has very inexpensive tickets, the Hungarian Parliament building is massively gorgeous and the city just happens to look like a real life Hogwarts. Need it get any better? I think not. The two men who are accompanying me agree that these are valid reasons to go as well. 

List of Budapest sayings and destinations
For the three of us going to Budapest we are a little nervous about the language aspect.  We made a list of words and questions we will most likely have to ask. If all else fails we always can use our hands and just point at random things on a menu. We may feel a little unintelligent but I think that's a good thing to feel when you're in an unfamiliar place. It makes you appreciate and idolize those who come to a country not knowing any part of the language but succeed. I think of how hard it will be to ask where the bathroom is and get scared, I can't imagine finding a home and friendly faces. 

After our trip to Budapest will return to Madrid Thursday and decide where and what we would like to do. So far the choices are beach, a grape festival or relaxing around Madrid and exploring a bit more. I am up for any. 

All in all we are very excited and anxious to start traveling Europe. Some are going to Italy, some are going to Prague, while others are winging the whole week. That's too much spontaneity for me, one last minute jaunt is all I can handle. Baby steps. 

Ciao for now! 
- Andrea

9/25/2012 21:50:20

YOU are doing a awesome job discovering on a budjet
Love ?


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