There will be a new flock of students taking our place next semester here in Madrid, Spain and after hearing who is coming I think our señoras will be in for a good time. 

Tuesday the students at Marquette University who applied for the Spring 2013 Marquette en Madrid program found out if they were accepted into the program. It's a rarity that anyone is not accepted, but I was still crossing my fingers for those who applied. 

Generally the Spring group is much larger than the Fall, my group is abnormally small with eleven students, and I have a feeling this coming semesters group is going to be abnormally large. However, a large group will make it all the more fun to plan trips, go out in the evening, allow for more familiar faces in class and make for an even better opportunity to get to know students that you may never have met at Marquette.

Right now it may be overwhelming with all the tasks that need to be done before you go, but take some time and say congratulations to yourself for being accepted into a great program. Brace yourself for a great time.  

Now, here are some tips that the majority of students here have mentioned along the way: 
  1. Don't pack a lot, it sounds redundant but everyone repeats their outfits and soon no one even notices. Plus you will want to bring a lot of things back, save space!
  2. Follow the guidebook that is provided to a point, we found a lot of discrepancies with it. You can wear what you want here, yes colored jeans and skinny jeans are in, but so are flared jeans, khakis etc.  Everyone here has their own personal style here,  you can too.
  3. Girls don't bring heels, you don't use them. Guys a nice pair of shoes but nicer more stylish tennis shoes are popular. Oxford shoes are the way to go, along with boots.  
  4. Bring tennis shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking tours with Ricardo the art professor, no one cares if you look "American".
  5. Get ready to eat a lot of delicious food, so much for a diet. There is no gym here unless you pay for one.
  6. Don't by a Eurrail pass unless you plan on taking the train multiple places with people and you have planned trips ahead of time, bus and plane are the most frequents modes of transportation for weekend trips. 
  7. It's chilly at night, if you don't want to buy a light jacket, for sure bring one! 
  8. Flannel pajamas keep you nice and warm at your señoras
  9. A backpack for trips on the weekends is more common than a carry on. Each cheap airline here has different measurements and they are generally smaller than the carry ons in the United States. Backpack is a safer choice.
  10. Make a list of places you absolutely want to go, time goes by so fast! But don't forget you're here for Spain. 
3/16/2013 12:39:32

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7/17/2013 20:57:54

A large group of student's always make it feel good as a team. When we are sitting a large class we get a feeling of more comfortable as we get notice the least. When cultural programs come also the more number of people can conduct more programs.


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