Today, Friday September 28, the students in the Marquette en Madrid program received phone calls from the Office of International Education at Marquette University informing us that Eufemia Sanchez de la Calle, our program director and personally coined "fun mom," passed away in a car accident two nights ago. We all were on vacation in various countries and Europe when the accident occurred. 

Due to this accident and loss I will be returning to the blog come Sunday evening or Monday morning after all of my fellow students, faculty and I have processed what has occurred and are told the details of the event and how we as a group and program will be proceeding. 

Blogs regarding the experiences in Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary; and how strong a community can be, will be posted as soon as possible.  For now, please keep your thoughts and prayers with our beloved Femy's family. 

- Andrea 
Marilyn Jones
10/4/2012 23:12:05

Andrea, I heard the news about Eufemia's passing last Frida and I was in disbelieve, more like in denial. I studied abroad 10 years ago in Madrid as well when she was the director. Ironically, that same semester a student from another reunidas program passed away in a bus accident. Eufemia was for sure a fun person, always full of life. You could never tell if she was having a difficult day. She was part of my Masters exam committee; I was so lucky to have such a positive and dedicated professor to help me during that time. I cannot imagine what you all felt when you heard the news. I hope you are all doing Ok. If you could please let me know more about what happened to her. Was she the only one involved in the accident? I would truly appreciate it.


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