My professors here have to think there is something wrong with my face. The constant look of intense concentration and confusion coupled with one eyebrow raised is becoming my permanent look. I think I need to learn how to say, "I need a brain massage," to go along with a joke I told myself today, "Perdón mi cara," or "Pardon my face." (I'm funny guys, I know). I also have never tested the theory of cracking an egg on a sidewalk on a hot summer day, but I imagine it feels a little bit like my brain being fried after two straight hours of history, politics and art lectures in Spanish and then repeating for grammar and composition after a 30 minute break. 

A classmate of mine said it gets easier after a few weeks. You won't be so stressed to catch every detail of the lectures, your Spanish will improve and your ear will become acclimated to hearing Spanish rather than English. I'm sure this is completely true, but for now all I want is for my face to go back to normal and starfish my bed when I go take my siesta.

So, a few words of advice for those traveling abroad to a country where you aren't familiar with the language: 

A.) Don't worry about writing down all the notes, just listen for a bit and then write down what you remember. 
B.) Take deep breaths, you aren't the only one who doesn't understand, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
C.) Talk to your señoras - mine is a gabber and I love practicing my Spanish with her because she corrects me.
D.) Learn the fun way! Our group goes out to local places and learns local words and some have a class where they learn slang for part of it and then we all share!  
E.) Have fun. You're in a foreign country.

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