Bus stop sign with a woman and man carrying bags while running to catch a bus.
Man purse: (n) A rather large, usually canvas, bag aka purse, made especially for men. (Urban Dictionary)

These are common to see men wear in Europe, but have you ever seen a man on a traffic sign have one too? Even the signs are fashionable here. America should get on that. 

Animated traffic signs are all the rage in Madrid and across Europe. In Italy I remember seeing arrows on blue signs that were not perfectly straight, but rounded to give it a less assertive feel. Madrid has those too, but what it has that I have not seen anywhere else I have traveled are people that are made to look like they are doing their daily activities. 

It's an interesting thing to think about and walk around the city to look for, so I will be adding to this post as the months go on. Who knows what other fashionable signs I will find. 

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