I love living with my señora, do not get me wrong. But I am not a fan of idle chit-chat and I find her and I partake in it a lot. There are pros and cons to this and it is something I am going to miss but also something I look forward to not doing. With anyone. This sounds rather harsh, especially being a journalist where smalltalk is very common and very necessary.

I can talk to a wall, I am much like my father in that aspect, but I also am someone who is always on the go and likes to keep going so I can accomplish everything on my list. 

For my career, I can do smalltalk, but in my every day, personal life I try to avoid it as little as possible. With my señora, it is nice to speak Spanish and I really enjoy conversing with her, even the idle chit-chat I find, as of late, I like and I am going to miss that. Except when all I really wanted to do was study. 

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