In Europe people walk where ever. Their is no rhyme or reason as to what side of the sidewalk you should walk on and people don't step over to the side if they are going to stop, instead they just stop right in front of you and you have to dodge to avoid a collision. The only place where there is a protocol is in the Metro where on escalators if you are not in a rush you stand still and to the right in your ascent to the next level, the space to the left is reserved for those in a hurry who can walk up the escalator. I am not going to miss the lack of reason their is to which side of the street you walk on, I look forward to the rule of when you walk, you walk on the right. However, I am going to miss the incredibly efficient public transportation that is offered in Madrid and throughout Europe (see former blog regarding the ease of public transit). The transportation in Milwaukee, Minneapolis and heck the whole U.S. pales in comparison to that of Europe. We could learn a thing or two from the Europeans. 

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