Green tea Irene brought to my room.
There is a cold running around at school and within the Marquette group, naturally I have caught it. 

Today I woke up feeling absolutely terrible and as general habit I went to the bathroom to take some medicine but realized there was no medicine cabinet and that I wasn't at home in Minneapolis like I thought. I even I reached for the invisible medicine cabinet in my groggy state of mind, it was a smooth move. 

After realizing I had no Ibuprofen, and that I wasn't in Minnesota at all, I went back to my room and starfished my bed, facedown in the pillow. For those of you who don't know what starfishing is, it is when you spread your body like a star and fall onto your bed for maximum relaxation. It's highly recommended by doctors, and by doctors I mean me. 

After laying like a starfish for a few minutes and my throat and head continued to throb I realized I needed to sleep more and go to school a bit later than usual. In the U.S. I am used to bouncing back with the help of cough drops, an Ibuprofen and a cup of coffee but here it just doesn't cut it. I went to a farmacia and asked to purchase some medicine but because I was unsure as to what everything said on the label I was hesitant to buy it. I now realize I take Walgreens for granted. My señora didn't have any medicine so she offered me some tea when I got back from school and I anxiously waited for it at the counter in the kitchen on my stool. At that moment I didn't realize how much I missed having a mother figure around to make me feel better. 

The day has passed and it is now time for me to finish drinking my second cup of tea from Irene and catch some  beauty sleep. My mom even emailed me to tell me to go to bed. Amazing how far you can be away from home and still have a mother's presence, whether it's your real mom emailing you or your señora bringing you a cute tray with your tea and smiling to make you feel better.