In the classroom with my two teams.
Calm, cool and collected are three words that I would like to describe my teams as they are working hard during crunch time, but unfortunately I can only say they are calm and collected because it is so hot in this lab!

As a teaching assistant on this trip I am overseeing two teams of four students of St. Xavier’s College and their projects. Each team has chosen two great topics that they are compiling a video and photo story as well as a written component. The students have been eager and passionate since day one and I can see their devotion as they work on editing their films and dash off to their last minute interview with the principle that was rescheduled.

They have learned and started to master the use of the new gadgets: Canon G10 digital cameras, voice recorders, HD Flip cameras, or one of the 10 new iMAC computers St. Xavier’s purchased for the program and future courses in journalism. With software such as iMovie and iPhoto installed on the computers, the students were instructed on how to edit content for their projects. So far the projects are looking great, except for the few Bollywood qualities that sneak into the evolving products, such as flashy names and overuse of transitions.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is the day where we reveal the end products for each team and be graded by a panel. I am happy to say my two teams, The Clocks and Susan’s Army, are well on their way to being finished before deadline and have quality finished products, if they listen to the advice Carole and I have provided them after viewing their progress of the day.

Here I will say it is hard to not want to take control of the project and grab ahold of the mouse because I see so much that needs to be changed, but that’s not the way to do it. Carole is right in saying, “Hands off the mouse, explain in words only.” It is better for them to learn how to do it themselves through practice rather than them watching an instructor do the work. I, personally, am a hands-on learner and should be respectful of my group and know my place as a Teaching Assistant. I must guide them to keep working together in figuring out the last pieces of their projects and managing the final product of their project.

I will say it is difficult to get their attention because they are gabbing and off task some of the time, but I will say age is also a contributing factor. We are all so close in age, though I am younger than the students I am teaching, that it becomes hard to not smear the lines of friendship and professional relationship. But, as the two weeks has progressed I believe the respect on each end has increased. We all realize we are there for a common purpose: their success and future.

Now, a break down of the teams. We will first start with the team of staff members, also know as Team Awesome. Carole Burns, Jim Burns, Dr. Stephen Byers, Jennifer Solorio, Chris Whitman and myself make up this dynamite team and I can say that with pride and certainty. We all play off each others strengths and weaknesses in the best ways possible. Say I have a technological question I know I can go to Chris or Jim and they will help me as soon as possible. If Jim has a question about any aspect of writing, deadlines etc. he knows he can come to me and I will be able to help him. Everyone seems genuinely happy with the team. It's a wonderful thing to be able to have intellectual conversations and challenging ones at that with people that you have grown close to within the matter of 12 days. I love our group conversations but I have to say my favorite ones are the ones I share with Jen while we go to bed. Pillow talk can be mans best friend. 
Team Awesome from left to right and top down: Me, Jen, Carole, Jim, Chris and Byers who has fallen and can't get up!
Onto the teams I am a TA for, The Clocks and Susan's Army. 

My first team is Susan’s Army, named after a faculty member at Xavier’s that has a wonderful British accent she acquired while living her whole life in India. The members are: Falak Choksi,  Farheen RaajHarveen Kaur Sandhu, and Shiamak Unwalla

Susan’s Army is focusing on the student life of St. Xavier’s College in three specific aspects, academic life, social life and the cultural life. The concept stemmed from their original idea to convey the history of St. Xavier’s in the past, present and future but after being told they need to narrow it down the students developed this idea and have been working hard ever since. This is their written description of their project turned in for the course website: 
Susan's Army from back to front and left to right: Harveen, me, Farheen, Shiamak and Falak
Everyone deserves a funny, loving family picture, right?!
St. Xavier’s College, Ahemdabad is an institute that thrives on its active student body. We cover the three facets of student life here – the academic life, the social life and the cultural life. Our print story is a detailed piece on the various cultural activities that the college is associated with. The photo-feature contains glimpses into the exuberant social life on campus such as student group dynamics and hangout spots. Academics play a large part in the overall growth and development of the students at St. Xavier’s. The student-teacher interaction and views make up the video component of our project. A common thread in all three features is how our college is different from other colleges and universities in Ahmedabad. St. Xavier’s College stands proud on the basis of its individuality.

The Clocks, team two, members are: Sushmita Digar, Sherwin Everett, Kajri Mathur, and Avanti Mehta. This team is focusing on the importance of literacy and the fact that the college has a library archive that is not being used to its advantage. This is their photo and written description of their project turned in for the course website: 
The Clocks from back to front and left to right: Sherwin, me, Sushmita, Kajri and Avanti
In a week we have come a long way, in such a short span of time we have experimented with different types of media, and chosen to showcase a topic that is not the easiest to portray. Our project on the Library Archives reflects the values attributed to reading, the foundation for any human being. Through our work we wish to shed light on the importance of reading and it's declining significance. 

This project is an attempt to show our concern for the loss of value on our leather bound, knowledge imparting volumes, which have now turned dusty, mildewed and yellow.

We hope we have been successful in our endeavor to highlight the current situation we are in.

"Confusion never stops,
Closing walls and ticking clocks"

This statement is a perfect quote to convey our state of mind. There have been innumerable occasions where we just wanted to shoot apples off each other's heads, but we managed to tick tock our way till the clock struck and succeed as a team.” 

The students are troopers. Even after Susan's Army was told they had to basically start from scratch using the footage they had they went off to lunch, came back rejuvenated and are working as if nothing ever happened. 
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