This is another shout out to my dear professor, advisor and two-time travel companion, Dr. Stephen Byers. Today we celebrated his birthday, the number of years will remain unknown for you readers, but let me say he has a lot of spunk for his age and does not look it either! The students and Jesuits brought him a cake, chocolate of course, flowers and Diet Coke (his favorite drink - straws included). The whole day he had students and faculty wishing him happy birthday and he couldn’t help but smile.
If you are lucky enough to know Dr. Byers you know that he is a very modest man that does not like the spot light to be on him, but today we all felt he deserved it. His lack of acknowledgement of his birthday in the previous days made him an easy target but also his dedication and focus on the students and the program made it impossible to not show our appreciation for him. His day consisted of getting out of the class room and visiting the Old City, the oldest part of Ahmedabad, visiting the Rev. Cedric Prakash who was a student at Marquette and has close ties with St. Xavier’s, and then a three hour nap or so until we went back to the Old City for a nighttime heritage tour of the historic sites. He loves history and walking around so this was a perfect match for him. We all hope he had a great day and enjoys his time tomorrow while it is his birthday U.S. Central Time. 

Happy Birthday Dr. B, you’re an inspiration. 

1/11/2012 02:21:56 am

Tell Dr. Byer's happy late birthday from me =D Hope you guys are having an amazing adventure.


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