We have a third roommate that paid us a visit two nights ago, he is now named Malti, an Indian name that is pronounced similar to Monty. He came to us at approximately 2:30 a.m. before we expected two guests from Marquette’s business school who would be rooming with us. 

Jen spotted the rat and woke me up with a scream, “Andrea! There is a rat in our room!” 

My response, “No, no we don’t!” Needless to say, we did not get sleep that night and our new Marquette roommates moved out the next day after we told them the following:

“Welcome, get settled and just to let you know….”
  • We have a rat in our room, it may be gone
  • There is one bathroom for the four of us – the other one doesn’t work and there is a squirrel in there 
  • There is only cold water unless you heat it up with the water heater and take bucket showers
  • Shake out your blanket for bugs
  • Keep your eyes and mouth closed because of the water, though you probably already know that
  • Feel free to put anything in the bathroom, like shampoo face wash etc. just don’t take away the mothballs because they keep the bugs away
  • And laundry, we can talk about when you need to wash clothes. For now you should get some sleep.”
No wonder they left the next day and left us a note. Who would want to live with Jen, Malti and I after that introduction…. The Jesuits found out about Malti and told us today at Tea Time that there will be a cage and a piece of cheese waiting for the rat tonight, the poor little guy means no harm but he needs to go. Sorry, Malti. 
1/4/2012 08:49:10 am

Take a picture of this fine creature. It seems to be an educated rat with a religious preference by selecting a Jesuit home.

7/12/2012 03:09:40 pm

Many thanks for details


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