Monday, January 9, 2012 to Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This morning we had some fun with a photoshoot. All the faculty and students gathered in the assembly room and posed for photos. My favorite, the faculty photo with Vijay striking a pose. 
After the photoshoot, the hard work and increased stress filled the air after the students realized their projected were due Wednesday at 8 p.m.. My groups were doing well and seemed calm until they looked at their classmates work and decided it was a competition and they were going to win.

At this point I had to step in and remind them that it was not a competition it was a compilation of work that they needed to be proud of and be able to show future employers while saying, “Hey, this was just the beginning for me and I am happy with it,” and have them think the same thing.

The mentors resumed their positions and stayed in the lab. We sit by our computers, jump up to solve any confrontation between group members and trade off times to leave in order to eat lunch or have tea.

When it comes to students having questions, there are several. The students encourage me to grab the mouse and do the work for them, but I have to catch myself and say, “No, how about I direct you so you remember it better once I am gone?” They are never thrilled when I say this, but I like to think they are now happy I made them do that since we really are gone and they are one their own.

As the days continued the tension only increased but their motivation to complete the projects on time and on their own has sky rocketed. They aren’t asking me so many questions like, “Will you do this for us?” more so, “Will you tell us if we’re doing this right and if it looks good?” This progress is what I like to see. The students aren’t relying on us, they are relying on each other. Teamwork is never easy, but it is always an experience that makes you grow as an individual and encourages you to take on tasks you normally would shy away from. 

As the three days continued and the students progressed and were doing tweaking of the final products the staff was able to sneak off to a few places and relax. Read the next post to find out what adventure Jen and I went on.

Hint: Water for ________ 
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