The Layer, The Spy House, Cecilia, call Jen and my apartment what you would like, but this place has something against us. First we have a squirrel in the spare bathroom, then we have Malti the rat, and just now I flooded the bathroom and the bedrooms while taking a shower that I kid you not, was two minutes long before I realized what was happening. I swear this has to be a trend of mine. It happens at home when it drips down to the floor below the shower and it happens in India where our bathroom is always wet for some reason. BUT don’t worry, by some fate the water didn’t touch our belongings, it just made a nice two or three inch puddle around it all.

Unfortunately we have no photos to prove this as I was freaking out and trying to get ahold of my fellow team with a phone that I realized is broken which we all just received yesterday. Oh jeepers do I have luck. Jim came after exchanging phone calls in which I could not hear anything from his end and he ran off to tell the rest of the gang. Soon the Rev. Daniel and Jim arrived back with mops, brooms, plungers and towels to clean up the room. The drain had been clogged, according to the Rev. Daniel, and no more floods should occur. Cross your fingers that this is the last flood this spy house sees, maybe Cecilia will have a change of heart too. 

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