Dr. Byers and I at a fountain in Assisi, Italy after eating gelato
Dr. Byer's and I in the classrooms of Ahmedabad, India
Dr. Byers and I have a long history. He is the reason why my father let me come to Marquette University and pursue my career of journalism, he was my first journalism professor, my one and only academic advisor and two-time travel companion. Dr. B and I went to Italy together where he was a professor of mine in the Cagli Marquette Digital Storytelling Program as well as India where he was a professor while I was a TA . At each of these places we attempted to photobomb one another. In Assisi, Italy I secretly gave Dr. Byers a bunny ears at a fountain after we all ate our daily gelato. I framed the photo and gave it to him when school began in the fall. He never got over how hilarious and perfect the photo was, it is in fact a perfect representation of our relationship, silly but always educational and having fun. Then, all throughout India Dr. Byers was attempting to get me back. He finally  succeeded on his birthday, or did I let him get away with it because it was his birthday? He will never know.... But for the time being the photo is  covering the old one in the white frame sitting on his desk. We don't know when we will have another opportunity for an international photo op, however I will settle for one at my graduation ceremony if we don't travel together in the near future. 

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