If you have not metDr. Byers this is him and his Scotte Vest in the airport at the beginning of our adventure.
In the midst of our serious excursions and adventures we do have lighthearted conversations around the dinner table. Last night Dr. Byers enlightened us about his love for his pillow and how he makes sure his sleep is nothing but amazing after molding his pillow to his satisfaction.

“I tell it whose boss with a few punches here and there before bed,” Byers said at the dinner table while he made punching motions into his left palm.

We all had such a long day that we could do nothing but laugh. It was definitely one of those moments you wish you had on camera. Byers has entertained us during the stressful times here and during our sleepless dazes. He shares stories about his family, who I swear if you mention a field of work he will have family who work or worked there or he himself will have. A man of many tales, this I knew, but never did I think he would have an uncle who worked for NASA or niece who worked with Jen over the summer at a local Milwaukee bar called Lucille’s Piano Bar and Grille. He has too many connections and a family tree so extensive Ancestry.com could most likely not figure it all out. Dr. B is a sweet man and a hilarious one at that so I’m sure there will be more stories to come. 

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