India has proved to be a wonderful difference in culture and expectations than that of the United States. The people are so kind and are so anxious to share their culture with you because they are proud of it. Now, I’m not saying that is not the case in the U.S., but there is something about their enthusiasm that is refreshing. 

After the six and a half hour wait and hour and a half hour flight from New Delhi to Ahmedabad an employee of the college greeted us. The city was a rush of honking, buzzing Vespas, rickshaws and cars that travel so close that they look like they are going to hit each other but somehow they don’t. On the ride from the airport to St. Xavier’s the most amazing thing that I saw was a woman who was driving a Vespa with no hands. She had a purse in her left arm, used her right hand to take out a cellphone, dialed the number and spoke on it. I was amazed! Only in India would this have happened in a roundabout full of traffic.  

The ride was about twenty minutes and what I saw couldn’t be given justice through pictures or words. The colors are impeccable, the clothes the people wear add to the diversity of the bright red and orange shops and walls. The citizens sit in a circle with their knees bent and bottoms almost touching the ground. They converse and use hand motions to illustrate their points. This made me want to jump right out of the car into their conversations. It has to be the journalist in me, I'm just too curious for my own good. 

When we finally arrived at St. Xavier’s we were exhausted but in awe. The staff was immediately cordial and right away out came the Rev. Daniel, an excentric man who loves to analyze Jen and I. According to Rev. Daniel, Jen is the independent, hard working one who will do what she is asked to do, I am the independent, hard working one who always wants to be doing something and help others. Both are accurate but Jen and I like to think that we’re a possible blend of both. 

Well, we’re off to get ready for a celebration at a Jesuits local village so I will keep you posted on that adventure!

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